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Francesco Gennari I’d Like to Lose Myself, Never to Find Myself Again

Edited by Francesco Gennari and Edoardo Bonaspetti
Design by Lorenzo Mason Studio

2024, softcover, 15 x 20 cm, 320 pages
ISBN: 979-12-80579-55-3

Through a rich selection of images, this artist’s book, published in two editions—gold and silver—explores the birth, life and death of Francesco Gennari’s work Vorrei perdermi e non trovarmi più, 2022, exhibited for the first time at the Ciaccia Levi Gallery in Paris.

Almost twenty kilos of melon-flavored ice cream mixed with gin fill a triangular bronze prism, flooding the room with a pungent aroma, almost saturating the air and enveloping anyone who approaches in a feeling of freshness and vitality. Slits at the ends of the triangle allow the ice cream to melt and flow beyond the confines of the stainless bronze structure, dispersing into space yet leaving tangible traces of its passage. Hidden in the midst of the ice cream, a multitude of bronze stars emerge little by little. The disintegration of organic matter thus reflects its ephemeral and changeable nature, evoking a sensation of fluidity and transformation—a metaphor for the artist’s own approach to self-representation. By juxtaposing materials in unexpected and sometimes contradictory ways, Gennari generates a dialogue between form and concept that induces a profound sense of introspective reflection in the viewer.

Instinct, creativity, and loss of control also characterize the artist’s book, in which the artist further develops his research into the concept of “identity” along with the sense of the boundary and dispersion in space. This volume is created in two editions, one gold and one silver, and provides an escape from reality towards a broader and more mysterious experience, one in which the limits of human existence and the desire/need to go beyond them remain at the heart of the narrative.

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